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Organic Farming

As a backward integration approach, CIRHEP promoting organic farming practices in order to restore soil fertility, to reduce the cost of cultivation, rejuvenate the degraded lands and revive microbial activity in its watershed project areas.To do that bio-input (fertilizers and vermi-compost) were supplied to them for application on their lands. And farmers were provided with trainings in making cow horn manure, Cow pat Pit, Vermi compost, Liquid fertilizers and bio pesticides in accordance with the requirement for their lands and the trainings are provided for many farmers to produce on their own as well. About 350 farmers are practicing organic farming in 130 acres of their land. The main crops cultivated are Sorghum, Bajra, Pulses, vegetables like Tomato, Brinjal, Ladies Finger, Bhindi, Onion and Drumstick and fruits like Guava and Mango. CIRHEP trying to prove organic farming can be a viable alternative production method for farmers in spite of many challenges.

P.M.Mohan, president of CIRHEP, explains why farmers are using chemicals.

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