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Climate Proofing

Climate proofing, an approach for rural development is to integrate adaptation measures of climate change and developing more resilient watershed programmes. This approach has been implemented and CIRHEP has at the moment 5 climate proofing projects in the Dindigul district. They are jointly implemented through the Village Watershed Committee (VWC) and CIRHEP with the support of GIZ and NABARD. To understand the prevailing climatic conditions, climatic risks in the study region, climate projections and its possible impact on crop production and the livelihood of the farming community and to identify the possible adaptation strategies, climate proofing analysis was carried out with technical support from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University. These projects were being successfully implemented as an integrated farming system linking with Kissan Call Centre of Agriculture (KCCA) as part of an ICT intervention.

Things that the project focuses on is; equip farmers for climate change and training farmers in sustainable land use such as summer ploughing, deep tillage, well recharge pits and tree planting.


An automatic weather station has been installed and is recording the daily weather parameters. The information helps farmers with their agricultural practices.

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