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Watershed Development

As part of soil and water conservation measure CIRHEP has been doing its pioneering work in watershed development programmes since its inception. The aim of watershed development is to store and conserve water where it falls, within every village, under the direction of the especially constituted village watershed committees. Watershed development tries to reduce the volume and the velocity of runoff through a series of interventions resulting optimum production with minimum hazards to natural resources. Working for the logical end of proper land use, protecting land against all forms of deterioration, building and maintaining soil fertility, conserving water for farm use, proper management of local water for drainage, flood protection and sediment reduction and increasing productivity from all prevailing land uses impacting increased livelihood and reduced migrations in this part of the area.

CIRHEP has implemented 10 watershed projects so far primarily with the funding support of NABARD and TAWDEVA benefited to 3,500 farmers for an area of about 11,500 hectares.

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