Women Empowerment

Centre for Improved Rural Health and Environmental Protection (CIRHEP), a registered Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) established in the year 1994 functioning at Dindigul district of Tamil Nadu, India.

CIRHEP committed to the cause of environment protection especially managing water and soil resources sustainably and its efficient utilization for the benefit of present and future generations. CIRHEP promotes Natural Resource Management – watershed development, sustainable agriculture practices, women empowerment and environmental education to children since its inception.

As part of soil and water conservation measure CIRHEP has been doing it’s pioneering work in watershed development programmes and implemented 11 watershed development projects so far with the funding support of NABARD, TAWDEVA, GIZ Germany and Adaptation Fund Board(AFB). The projects Implemented jointly with  VWC(Village Watershed Committee) by involving the entire cross sections of the watershed communities.  Through village level orientation meetings and discussions with farmers, landless people and women, CIRHEP has established a good rapport and made them to participate in watershed development activities. 




To create a sustainable human-ecology relationship and improve the quality of rural life by striving to alleviate poverty, provide education and conserve the environment with active participation of the rural community.





Building the capacities of rural communities in conserving the Vaigai-Kaveri watersheds in Dindigul, Theni & Madurai Districts of Tamil Nadu and making the area sustainable for better livelihood.

CIRHEP has rooted in values, such as Grassroots action, Collaboration, Enabling, Innovation, Excellence, and Self-Regulation. CIRHEP believes that these values are its core strength needed to realise its Vision and Mission.


CIRHEP has been doing the following activities for the past two decades actively working with Farmers, Women, Adolescent Girls and Children by mobilizing, organizing them into various groups and providing capacity building programmes related to the cause it is committed.

Watershed development

Integrated Watershed development programmes to improve livelihood of farmers, women and landless laborers’ by involving the local community.

Promotion of Organic Agriculture

Promotion of sustainable Agriculture practices by organizing training programmes on organic bio-dynamic farming practices, production of bio manures, pesticides and arranging exposure visits to them.

Kitchen garden and vegetable cultivation

Capacity building of Adolescent girls by organizing various awareness, training and expert sessions on gender equality, importance of education, health and reproductive health education and exposed them to kitchen garden and vegetable cultivation.

Nature School setup

Environment education to local school going children& drop outs through play way method(like a Nature School setup ) about environment and creating awareness among them and using them to disseminate knowledge of local environment to the local villagers.

Women Empowerment

Empowerment of women through formation of Self Help Groups and provided capacity building programmes. Enabled credit linkages with mainstream banks for their enterprise initiatives.

Formed Farmer Clubs (FC)

Organized farmers into groups - Formed Farmer Clubs (FC), Joint Liability Groups (JLGs) and Farmer Producer Company (FPC) and provided various capacity building trainings

Capacity building training

Dissemination of knowledge / experience and capacity building training on watershed development, Sustainable Agriculture to farmers, women through our Natural Resource Management Training Centre.

Environment education to school children

Environment education to Government, private school children, students from college, research Institutions and Universities.